Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Sacred Seduction: Peter Abel Goes Beyond the Human Sexuality

Peter Abel, an ace investigative reporter is seduced into a swirl of dangerous events planned by some foreign investors to save the "fearless" President of a new democratic country from self destruction and also to save billions of dollars of their foreign investment. They do not want to kill or overthrow his government, but just to administer a shock therapy to make him sober. But the events take a complex turn as a group of displaced wealthy retired military officers and their political acolytes move in to overthrow the government. A victim of both groups, Abel sees all the dangerous game play out and also the suicide bomber sent to Mr. President.
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Reviewied by This Day Newpaper, November 2004
Two of the recent novels of Bisi Ojediran, Sacred Seduction and Survival of the Beautiful have been formally presented to the world via Xlibris.Com, a website of some of the world's renowned authors. Xlibris is a US- based on-demand publishing services provider. "Everybody can publish his work on the web, but for me, with the number of books I have lined up, this is only a sign of good things to come", says the author of four novels and eight plays. "The joy of every writer is the spread of his readership. I am all geared up to make maximum use of this opportunity to reach the nooks and crannies of this world" the writer fondly called Bisi says. He explains that the rich, fertile brain he has for novels and the support he has in some of the best world's editors, equip him adequately to write his dream master piece.

Only recently, he secured the services of Sol Stein, an editor who works with only seasoned professionals; and the creator of the world's most highly acclaimed creative writing tutorial programmes. Stein is so popular, it costs about $36,000 to attend his course in his latest programme, "First Aid for Writers." His other editor is Laurie Rosin, an editor of 36 best sellers. Explaining how Xlibris works, Bisi said all you need to do is to get to the site, click on Bookstore and then browse, chose fiction and titles beginning with "S". Both Sacred Seduction and Survival of the Beautiful are listed there with their blurbs and excerpts. A reader could pay for access to download the entire novel or order for a neatly bound copy. In Sacred Seduction, investors and supporters of Egonaira, a vast, richly endowed country, renew their interest in it after it returns to democracy from a long period of military rule. A year after the government is sworn in, expectations and the safety of huge foreign investments and other interests are threatened by the Head of State's confrontational management style.

A number of rich displaced people are bitter. They would not watch the Head of State self-destruct and ruin their investments, so they move in through a female American agent to administer a shock therapy on him. Ace reporter Peter Abel is seduced into a swirl of events to administer the shock therapy. But the plan takes a complex turn, when at the same time, a displaced group of retired military officers and their political acolytes try to overthrow the government! In Survival of the Beautiful, ace investigative reporter, Peter Abel, goes for a celebration drink after a world exclusive story and ends up sharing the night with a whore. In return for his kindness, Kike gives him a parting note of her late boyfriend. Abel follows up to the origin of the note. Kike, who has taken an oath of secrecy to leave the village, protests "it is an uncivilised culture." Abel arrives the village hidden behind some mountains to a warm welcome and offer of feminine comfort. He declines to eat for three days, saving himself from the charm that would have entranced him like the 10 zombies he finds there.

Bisi Ojediran is a gifted writer of both fiction and textbooks. His novels on the exciting and thrilling adventures of Peter Abel the ace investigative journalist have won several prizes.
You can reach him on http://www.busybisibooks.com